Sheridan’s Fight Is Over … For Now

In a move that frankly should surprise no one, the City of Sheridan used procedural manuevers to ensure the public does not get a say in what city officials are doing with Photo Enforcement.  Denver Post Reports that the Colorado Court of Appeals rules against the “Ban It Sheridan” group.

While Ban It Sheridan had previously received enough votes, Conduent (the fradulent company that operates the systems) layered up and did everything they could to ensure it wouldn’t happen.  Unfortunately the deadline to appeal passed.  This just goes to show how difficult it can be for a group of citizens to go up against large corporations in bed with cities like Sheridan (and Denver).  Even the city of Denver refused to hand over public e-mail information by charging the group nearly $20K to do the searches.

If you live in Sheridan, let your city council know your thoughts.  Maybe some day they’ll listen.  Hopefully Paul will bring back his crusade again.

Study Finds Yellow Time Most Effective At Curbing Red Light Running

We’re still here at Denver Scameras – It’s just been pretty buys on a personal level, so hence the lack of updates.  I’d love to keep this project going, so if anyone is interesting in helping out, please let me know.

From our friends at The Newspaper, a new study confirms what we’ve known for a while.  Adding additional time to the yellow phase of an intersection does more to reduce red light running than anything else.  I’ve asked our illustrious city leaders why this hasn’t been considered.  I usually don’t get a direct answer, so I’m sure it’s about revenue.  Will actual scientific evidence sway them?  I doubt it.  But if you’re so inclined, why don’t you contact them and share this news with them.  I’m sure they’d be happy to ignore it!

Denver Needs Another Five Years of Revenue Enhancement

As the Denver Post recently brought to our attention, the City of Denver is in the process of signing off on a five year deal with the inaccurate ACS/Xerox contractor.  This five year deals includes more red light scameras and more deployment of dangerous speed scameras.  As usual, contact your city council and go right up the chain and tell them you oppose it.  I’m sure the mind of most of the council has already been made up, but public outcry is the only thing that will turn the tide.

More interestingly, Denver Post has recently closed comments on the article.  Given that this white-wash puff piece of photo enforcement was practically written by ACS and the city council; I’ll conclude that truth was something The Denver Post wasn’t interested in being discussed.

Stay safe out there.  Keep your money and trash your ticket!

Sheridan Anti-Photo Radar Petition

Our friend and fellow anti-photo enforcement activist has been stirring the pot with The City of Sheridan.  Paul has been signing the vans in his free time, significantly cutting into the revenue for ACS/Xerox and The City of Sheridan.  Since Paul has managed to slow down so many vehicles, I’m sure the city doesn’t mind at all.  Yes, that was sarcasm.

This is the first time a petition like this has come forward in Colorado, and we for one hope it won’t be the last!  Is Denver next?  I sure hope so!

City Council Updates

As you know there was an election a few months ago in the City of Denver.  This resulted in a change to the members of the city council.  I have updated the page with that contact information, and please accept my sincere apologies for taking so long to do this.  As of the date of this post, there is no published opposition from any city council member on photo enforcement.  While this author hopes a couple fresh faces in the council would change that, it’s not a hot-button issue for these members.  Contact your council member and tell them you oppose photo enforcement as an ineffective program that does absolutely nothing for public safety!  If you are a council member and opposed photo enforcement, then please use this site to contact us.  We would love to help you!

Legislative Update

In a move that frankly surprised me, two bills have been forwarded to Hickenloopers desk on traffic enforcement.  I’m sure that right now he’s not very happy with the House and Senate for ignoring his recent request.  While one bill would spell the end of the scameras across the entire state, the other requires each city who wishes to use them to ask their voters first.  If they are already using them, then they must put the question to their voters in 2016.  As former mayor of Denver, Hick loves his scamera money.

First off, my initial prediction is that Hick will veto both.  He only whips his veto pin out when something that is popular with the majority of people could be made law.  He was opposed to anything limiting their uses and requested a new bill be drafted that expanded the limits of where they could be used, while funneling the revenue away from the general fund.  The last part I laughed about because somehow we’re supposed to believe that if revenue for one program gets funneled a different way it won’t be built into the budgets.  You can rest assured Denver counts on and actively plans to use scamera money before they get it.

I don’t think Hick will sign both bills, though it would be funny to see what would happen.  He won’t sign the bill with the outright ban.  So there is a small chance that he could sign the bill allowing the people to vote.  If that’s the case, get ready for a new front-group in Colorado that will take the issue head on.  We’ve seen it time and time before in other areas where it’s been put to a vote.  ACS/Xeros, Redflex, and ATS will pony up a boat load of dollars to buy billboards, and even pay people from out of the area to stump for them on election day.  You may even find some advertisements that pull at the heart strings.  Case in point, Arlington, TX, where the story of a young lady killed in a crash.  The scamera vendors and their political puppets will stop at nothing to keep the cash flow going!  In Missouri, ATS has already used the story with their AstroTurf group.  What ATS won’t tell you is that this girl was not wearing a seatbelt.  Keep in mind that in almost everyone of the stories a red light scamera would not have prevented the crash.  It would have only provided footage.  Aurora provided us plenty of footage last year that proves the scameras don’t work.  Out of 35 public votes on the issue, only 1 has actually succeeded.  You can rest assured that there will be a fight.  If it comes to a vote it will be a tough fight in Denver.  Denver and Boulder are the only two areas where the scameras have a chance.

For now I would suggest you contact Hickenlooper’s’ office.   Send him an e-mail and ask him to support an outright ban.  Then call his office.  If enough people actually contact him, maybe he will be the governor of the people.  But I’m not holding my breath.

On another note, the elections were held in Denver recently.  Unfortunately, the incumbents won.  But this was what we had expected.  The surprise out of the race was the position of Auditor.  Chris Nevitt was the establishment choice for auditor.  I feel that worked against him as more and more people are showing disdain for career politicians.  I was glad to see O’Brien win and I think he will provide a fair look at what comes up.  In my mind, Nevitt should have recused himself from running for the position simply because he would be auditing what him and his friends on the council had already cooked up.  Denver doesn’t need another “yes” man in office.  We’ve got too many of those as it is.

Until next time …

Hickenlooper Opposed HB 15-1098

In a move that will surprise nobody, Hick has stated publicly that he is against the removal of red light scameras and photo radar in Colorado.  This was his stance the last two times it came up, however, the last two times he was able to quietly kill the bill before it went to a vote.  One has to wonder the thought process of our “Awww, Shucks Governor” on this one.  The majority of people oppose photo enforcement, so naturally a popular piece of legislation is something he wants to go away.  As former Mayor of Denver he knows exactly how much money these systems make for the city.  He doesn’t want to take that money away.  And his suggestions, if incorporated into a bill, would provide more loopholes for cities to use these systems.

Let’s be honest and restate what everyone knows.  Photo Enforcement doesn’t even come close to meeting the claims that it improves safety.  At best they do nothing but make money for hungry local governments.  At their worst they are far more dangerous and increase accidents.  If a road has a speeding problem, chances are the road needs a higher speed limit, or some other engineering fix.  If people are running red lights, the amber timings need to be adjusted or the intersection needs a redesign.  Red Light Scamera’s provide no real solution and capitalize on a safety problem that before their existence would have been remedied through proper engineering.

Colorado Legislature and John Hickenlooper:  Pass HB 15-1098 and help ensure safety from bad engineering and money hungry municipalities to all of Colorado’s citizens and visitors!

Denver Elections

The Denver elections are now upon us.  Honestly, we can’t really give you any advice on how to vote.  The mayor and all current city council representatives are ardent scamera supporters.

Unfortunately, in the mayoral race, the only opposition to Hancock is not even considered opposition.  I’d suggest picking the one you like the most, as long as it’s not Hancock.

For the At-Large seats, I voted against the current incumbents (Kniech and Ortega) choosing two of the other three options.

For your individual city council district seat, I’d suggest voting against the incumbent as well.  If you are in a district with no opposition, then I suggest writing in “None of the Above”.

While it might not make a difference in the outcome of the race, if enough people actively do not vote FOR a candidate those are statistics that are recorded.  So the next time you and your friends go out to have coffee you can talk about the small number of people who were actively opposed to your council seat.

The hope of this group is that the city races won’t matter in terms of photo enforcement.  We hope that the state legislature will put the final nail in the coffin of these photo scams and take away this source of easy revenue from every city in the state!

Redflex Circles the US Drain

Redflex Profits have plunged 414%.  They are struggling in a market that has finally decided photo enforcement in the US isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.  Between citizen led initiatives to end the programs, and a general distaste for the corruption that surround the industry; they are in trouble.  For now, Reflex sales is putting the pressure on preventing existing contracts from expiring or being terminated as opposed to seeking new customers.  Meanwhile they are focused on winning contracts in other parts of the world.

I have a feeling that if a “for sale” sign goes up in front of the Phoenix, AZ office, there are going to be some street side celebrations!

Littleton, CO Ends Scamera Program

The Denver Post reports today that Littleton, CO has ended their scamera program with ATS (American Ticketing Solutions).  Their reasoning is that the system no longer works.  While three out of five intersections saw reduced right angle crashes, four out of five saw non-injury accidents increase.

While Littleton police credit the program with changing driving behavior the city does not believe they are no longer necessary.  There was no summary of how much money the system has made over the last few years or if revenue was decreasing to the point the system was no longer profitable.