Red Light Scamera’s Back in the News

Looks like Red Light Scameras are back in the news in the Denver area.  Their conclusion?  Pretty much the same thing we’ve been saying for years.  Red Light Scameras are nothing more than a money grab.  The City Auditor believes it, most people in Denver believe it, yet Chief White would have you believe they are there for safety.  Safety of what?  The budget? If Chief White was really interested in promoting safety in Denver he’d suggest getting rid of the scameras and have his officers focus on matters that might actually increase safety.

The program is slated to expire at the end of the year unless it is renewed.  Rest assured city officials will be there, with an extra pen or two just in case the ink runs out.  My suggestion to everyone in the City of Denver is to e-mail your councilman and demand they don’t renew the program!

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