900 Photo Radar Tickets Dismissed

According to Channel 7, 900 photo radar tickets have been dismissed in Denver.  The wonderful folks at ACS/Xerox apparently weren’t too diligent about the proper placement of warning signs per Colorado State Law.  I myself have seen the photo radar operating without the required signs, and in one case, the sign was intentionally obscured by a coat, and on another, a construction sign.  If you made the mistake of actually responding to the ticket in the mail you can get a refund.  If you’re smart, you just ignore these letters and let them go away after 90 days.


  1. What do we do if we spot a photo radar van that is not signed can we take pictures and turn it into someone if so who I thought about contacting the Denver police department but I’m not sure they’re going to do anything about it so any information would be helpful

  2. If you see a photo radar van operating without proper signage then safely document it. If you can pull over and park and use your video recording feature of your cell phone then do so. Make sure you start the recording more than 300 feet before the van. The sign is required to be posted 300 feet or more prior to the van. Walk toward the van and record your approach. If you cannot park and walk have a passenger record as your drive by. For obvious reasons, holding a cell phone or camera while driving could be considered distracting driving so you’ll have use your own judgement there.

    Once documented, please reach out to this page with the location of your video so that we may post it. Contact DPD’s photo enforcement unit and report an improperly or unsigned enforcement vehicle. I would also suggest reaching out to various news media outlets with your video, especially if the response from DPD is less than helpful. Keep in mind that ACS and the City of Denver are running this program to make a profit so your complaint will probably not have priority. This is why involving the news media is an important step.

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