Money Grows on Trees


If you’re a city council member.  Not only do you support the expansion of a dangerous program that does little to enhance safety, but you also vote to give yourself a 10% raise.  While this post isn’t directly related to photo enforcement “scameras” in Denver or Colorado I think it speaks to a larger issue.  Obviously the local government we have chosen thinks they are doing such a great job that they deserve a lavish raise in a questionable economy.  Sure, things are getting better, but as this author can attest, it isn’t 10% better.

I myself was very happy to get a 2% raise this year from my day job.  My boss actually regretted that he was unable to give me more because “I deserved it”.  Unfortunately the money wasn’t in the budget, and not being in the political business he couldn’t just confiscate it or set out cameras to increase the bank account balance.  2% doesn’t even meet up with inflation, and while it was modest, I was happy to get it.

In most cases, employers give their employees a raise for meritorious performance.  I have to ask.  Has the Denver City Council performed so well that they deserve 10%?  I highly doubt it.  But, in this case, the employee gets to decide the amount of a raise they will make his employer give them.  Such is government.  Wish I were so lucky.  We have no say, short of not casting our votes for them.  But by then the new paychecks are already getting cut.  Bad move, city council, bad move.   Is it possible to lose respect for a group of people you had no respect for to begin with?

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