Denver Elections

The Denver elections are now upon us.  Honestly, we can’t really give you any advice on how to vote.  The mayor and all current city council representatives are ardent scamera supporters.

Unfortunately, in the mayoral race, the only opposition to Hancock is not even considered opposition.  I’d suggest picking the one you like the most, as long as it’s not Hancock.

For the At-Large seats, I voted against the current incumbents (Kniech and Ortega) choosing two of the other three options.

For your individual city council district seat, I’d suggest voting against the incumbent as well.  If you are in a district with no opposition, then I suggest writing in “None of the Above”.

While it might not make a difference in the outcome of the race, if enough people actively do not vote FOR a candidate those are statistics that are recorded.  So the next time you and your friends go out to have coffee you can talk about the small number of people who were actively opposed to your council seat.

The hope of this group is that the city races won’t matter in terms of photo enforcement.  We hope that the state legislature will put the final nail in the coffin of these photo scams and take away this source of easy revenue from every city in the state!

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