Hickenlooper Opposed HB 15-1098

In a move that will surprise nobody, Hick has stated publicly that he is against the removal of red light scameras and photo radar in Colorado.  This was his stance the last two times it came up, however, the last two times he was able to quietly kill the bill before it went to a vote.  One has to wonder the thought process of our “Awww, Shucks Governor” on this one.  The majority of people oppose photo enforcement, so naturally a popular piece of legislation is something he wants to go away.  As former Mayor of Denver he knows exactly how much money these systems make for the city.  He doesn’t want to take that money away.  And his suggestions, if incorporated into a bill, would provide more loopholes for cities to use these systems.

Let’s be honest and restate what everyone knows.  Photo Enforcement doesn’t even come close to meeting the claims that it improves safety.  At best they do nothing but make money for hungry local governments.  At their worst they are far more dangerous and increase accidents.  If a road has a speeding problem, chances are the road needs a higher speed limit, or some other engineering fix.  If people are running red lights, the amber timings need to be adjusted or the intersection needs a redesign.  Red Light Scamera’s provide no real solution and capitalize on a safety problem that before their existence would have been remedied through proper engineering.

Colorado Legislature and John Hickenlooper:  Pass HB 15-1098 and help ensure safety from bad engineering and money hungry municipalities to all of Colorado’s citizens and visitors!

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