Sheridan’s Fight Is Over … For Now

In a move that frankly should surprise no one, the City of Sheridan used procedural manuevers to ensure the public does not get a say in what city officials are doing with Photo Enforcement.  Denver Post Reports that the Colorado Court of Appeals rules against the “Ban It Sheridan” group.

While Ban It Sheridan had previously received enough votes, Conduent (the fradulent company that operates the systems) layered up and did everything they could to ensure it wouldn’t happen.  Unfortunately the deadline to appeal passed.  This just goes to show how difficult it can be for a group of citizens to go up against large corporations in bed with cities like Sheridan (and Denver).  Even the city of Denver refused to hand over public e-mail information by charging the group nearly $20K to do the searches.

If you live in Sheridan, let your city council know your thoughts.  Maybe some day they’ll listen.  Hopefully Paul will bring back his crusade again.

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