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Obviously this heading is sarcastic, but read the latest from TechDirt about what’s going with the system in Baltimore.  As you may know, Baltimore contracted with ACS/Xerox to run their system and was later replaced by another pirate firm.  Frankly this internal audit from URS Corp should give great concern to our city leaders.  Why do they allow a company, and a system, which has been proven to be completely inaccurate continue to run?  Obviously the answer is money.

Originally Xerox admitted that the system had a 5.2% error rate.  So out of every 100 tickets issued, five of them shouldn’t have been.  Great.  Now the independent audit is showing that that error rate was closer to 10%.  In addition, 26% were declared “questionable”, meaning that for three years Xerox/ACS were only positive about a violation less than one third of the time.  Sounds just like the kind of accuracy I want pervading the city government.

Read further into the article and you can find how most companies lock their customers into an NDA so that the city can’t speak ill of the program.  That’s almost like taking someone on a date and telling them they can’t tell their friends how bad it was, and then ask a friend out.  And let’s not forget all the corruption and scandals that have plagued ACS as further mentioned in this article.

Again, it’s time to end this photo enforcement scam and send ACS/Xerox packing.  If it means voting out your current city council members, then by all means, please do so!  In the meantime, continue to toss those tickets in the trash!

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  1. ACS was busted issueing a “speeding’ ticket to a car STOPPED at a RED LIGHT!

    Read more:

    Also a AUDIT revealed the errors WERE MUCH HIGHER THAN THOUGHT!

    Check out on more articles on speed scamera abuse in MD. Also CONTACT RON over there! His email link is on the site. If you cannot locate it. SEND ME A EMAIL and I WILL CC YOU HIS EMAIL!

    UNITED we stand against SCAMERAS!
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