5280 Article and Certified Mail – Anything for a buck!

It has come to our attention that the photo enforcement (revenue enhancing) division of the police department has turned to certified mail to deliver citations.  Further clarification will be sought from the city to get the details of this process.  Please refer to the 5280 article “Break It Down: Photo Speed Radar”.  The article endorses payment of these tickets.  I still maintain you should not pay them!

Based on this information it appears that simply ignoring the process server isn’t the easiest way to go now.  What is unclear at this point in time is whether or not you will receive the initial notice and then receive the certified later if you haven’t paid.  A certified letter can be ignored by simply not picking it up.  Typically the USPS will attempt to deliver the letter at your residence.  If you are not home or you do not answer the door a notice will be left either at your door or in your mailbox.  USPS will attempt delivery again after seven days and leave a notice.  After a final attempt the letter will be held for a couple days and returned as undelivered.  Please see this website for further details on the process.

If you are expecting a photo radar or red light camera citation I would suggest not answering the door for USPS and allow the letter to be returned undelivered.  Again, I’m not a lawyer, so if you’re concerned about your situation, please seek professional legal help.

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