NBC Video on Scameras

The NBC nightly news recently did a segment on scameras.  It’s interesting to note that the use of these cameras has gone down 6% since 2012.  That’s good news.  People are catching on that this is a scam.  Unfortunately, the police chief of St. Louis, interviewed in the clip, hasn’t seen the light.  Hopefully he’ll figure it out at some point.  One wonders if he’s received some money or nice dinners from the red light camera companies to get his positive endorsement.

One thing I want you to keep in mind, anytime you see these red light camera crash videos: The camera didn’t stop the accident!  That’s right, those videos were taken from the camera system that is touted to be the cure for red light running and they did absolutely nothing.  I find it ironic that these companies sell their wares by using the very videos that show they are ineffective.  Bottom line, it’s not about safety, it’s about money!


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