Freedom of Expression

One of the original tenets of the founding of our country is freedom of expression.  The courts have upheld this freedom in many cases, including the use of our hands, or specifically one finger.  This afternoon on my way home I noticed the scamera van parked in a usual location so I drove by giving it the customary salute.  The speed limit in this “safety revenue zone” was 30 MPH.  According to my GPS I was traveling at exactly 27 MPH.  Apparently this hand gesture out the sunroof of my car was enough to distort the radar readings into triggering a flash!

I had noticed this strange phenomenon before so I decided to exercise the scientific method a bit and put it to the test.  I made two more passes at the scamera van, each time using my expression of “good will” toward the van.  Each time, at a speed of 27 MPH the camera flashed.  Could the operators of these vans be trained by their overlords at Xerox/ACS to document anyone who dare oppose them?  Are they building a dossier on the opposition in Denver that will get reported to the police, mayor, and city council?

Maybe it’s not that sinister.  I have two possible ideas to explain this phenomenon.  Perhaps the scamera operators are so drunk on their power to take money by mail from citizens that they are enacting their own form of return protest.  Or maybe the scamera operators actually do have a conscious and deep down they really hate what they do and are sending a flash of agreement in return.  Either way, sending them to the unemployment line is probably the best thing we could do!  Give them the help they need to find a job that is actually honorable and truly benefits society, not beneficial to fat cats at City Hall, Norwalk, CT, or Dallas, TX!

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