South Dakota – A Model for Other States

Have a look at what just happened in South Dakota courtesy of The Newspaper.

All I can say is, “Wow”.  After that I have to wonder when ACS/Xerox, Redflex, and ATS will be firing up the law suit engines.  If you live in SD, the state legislature pretty much made you invisible to any traffic camera in the world with the exception of maybe CA and AZ.  Hats off to those fine representatives.  They are a model of how things should be done.

Denver City Council, Colorado Legislature:  Please take notice.  The cameras are coming down!

Now, can I purchase a plot of land somewhere outside Rapid City and register my car there?  You know, SD might be on a gold mine to provide out of state license plates if they were so inclined.  I’d pay a little extra to carry an SD plate now!

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