First Hurdle Complete

It was apparently a busy day for the sleazy lobbyists and scamera supporters.  But, the bill made it past the committee.  Now it will head to the floor.  Let’s hope that once on the floor it isn’t further weakened or amended.  That happens far too often.  Already, for some reason it has been amended to exempt toll roads.  That might be just for the fact that E-470 is a completely automated pickpocket system to begin with.  Or, maybe E-470 is wanting to cash in on motorists who have a bit of a heavy foot through the vast expanses of nothingness that E-470 serves?

Several items of note came out of the hearing.  As I had already mentioned, the police departments have gathered around to laud the scamera system and extol its benefits.  One scamera supporter with Greenwood Village Police stated how accidents have dropped since the use of the scameras.  I think it would be wise to point out that statistic can be manipulated to say what you want them to say.  There have been studies of the these systems that compared before and after number.  They left out key information such as whether the yellow time had been modified, if a countdown crosswalk sign had been installed, and overall traffic counts.  They even went further to change the definition of an intersection and the definition of an accident in their before and after numbers.

For Denver, just touching the white line is enough to get a bill in the mail asking you for money.  I’ve known people who’ve received these tickets.  I would be willing to wager a few beers that in 95% of those case an officer wouldn’t have issued a citation.  Matter of fact, I’ve seen officers stop over the line.  As a frequent pedestrian I try to be mindful of where I stop for a red light and there are days that I swear I am the only one who does in fact stop at the white line!

Denver made $7.8 million in 2013.  They DO NOT want to give up that revenue, your safety be damned!

Stop what you are doing right now and contact your representative and tell them to support this legislation in its original form and send ACS/Xerox, Redflex, and ATS back to the proverbial hole of public squalor they crawled out of!

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  1. E-470 isn’t a scam to begin with. It’s the exact opposite of socialism. Private funds to build a road on which you have to pay to drive. Only those who use the road pay for the road, rather than all of us paying for a road we will likely never use. If it were a pickpocket system, they would be taking your money without driving on the road. It’s nothing of the sort. It’s sad to hear that the bill has already been amended to exclude 470 from the ban. There is no evidence that E470 itself would directly benefit from fines collected by photo radar. Personally, I use E-470 often, and my wife uses it literally every single day to drive out to Aurora. We’ve never, not even once, seen any photo radar on 470. Who was it that supported the amendment to this bill to exempt 470?

    Aside from that, I couldn’t agree more. Law enforcement is constantly creating statistics to justify their actions, even though their actions are bull****. Several years ago I had a s**t storm conversation with the police chief in Northglenn due to their bull**** speed traps they were running just north of 104th Ave on I-25. They would have a guy standing on the pedestrian bridge using radar to catch people right before the speed limit goes up. He would then radio to the 5-10 cars sitting on the shoulder, to catch the speeders. This created a cluster**** in which I was nearly run the f*** off the road multiple times on my motorcycle, because people weren’t paying attention. For me, it made the road unsafe. I pleaded with Mr. Chief to allow me to avoid the road on days they would run these traps, so that I didn’t fear for my damn life. He handed over the dates, which was very helpful. His claim was that they had reduced fatalities on their stretch of I-25, due to their speed trap program which he called “Impact Days”. The problem is, this was during the rise of traction and stability control systems in newer cars… something which has significantly reduced fatal crashes. They refused to give credit to those systems. Mr. Chief retired a few months later, and the Impact Days program stopped. During that time, fatalities and major accidents on that stretch of road continued to drop. They continued to give credit to the Impact Days program, even though it hadn’t run in over a year. Statistics will always be manipulated to show whatever you want them to show. This red light camera bull**** is no different.

    If these guys want to claim that it’s not about revenue, and more about safety, then they will support removing fines for all traffic violations, photo or not, and instituting a points only system, as we already have. The loss of one’s driving privileges should be enough to deter someone from constantly breaking the law. Since I make plenty of money, a speeding ticket doesn’t stop me from speeding. It just makes me hate cops and their arbitrarily made up speed limits.

  2. E-470 is one of the most expensive toll roads in the US. I never stated it was socialism. But their entire automated system has had issues in the past for users who did not have an account. This resulted in many fines/penalties being levied against people who used it. Currently you will not find photo radar on any highway because the current law limits where it is used. It can only be used in residential areas with a low speed limit, near parks, schools, construction, etc. I think they exempted E-470 because of the automated toll collection system in place. I use E-470 on a limited basis myself, but only when traffic is at a standstill on the regular roads. The nice thing is that it’s so pricy the road is usually wide open.

    Traffic fines will NEVER go to a points only system. There’s lots of money to be made in traffic enforcement, and more money to be made prolonging the problem.

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