Aurora Shows Us Why Red Light Camera’s Don’t Work

Aurora is obviously running scared.  There were two separate articles about Aurora since the scamera ban bill passed committee.  First off, we have an article where the mayor is trying to use fear-mongering to state that if the program is shuttered that social services will suffer.  On that point I have a suggestion to Aurora city leaders.  Time to redo your budget.  Traffic fines, legal or otherwise, should not be factored into the budget.  And while it might give them a warm fuzzy to state the profits go to social services, truth is, it’s still operating dollars for the city in some shape or form, and it’s a boat-load of profit for the scamera vendor.

Next up we have the police chief crying the blues about how once the program is ended there will be chaos in the streets.  To make the point they released several videos of red light running in Aurora.  Some resulted in accidents, others did not.  But what you won’t hear any city leader say is that these videos were from red light cameras.  The simple fact that these videos were from red light cameras should be enough to easily demonstrate that they don’t work.  And let’s deconstruct this a little more.  Each one of the violations that didn’t result in an accident happened several seconds after the light had turned red.  Those who ran the red light received a ticket in the mail a week later.  Did it change their driving habits?  Probably not.  Will it get an unsafe driver off the road?  Absolutely not!  Those drivers who didn’t cause or were not involved in an accident received no point on their license at all.  Not really helping the safety claim at all, is it?  The majority of fines generated by these scameras come from right turns and misjudging the length of the yellow, sliding across the line just as it changed.  Red Light Cameras will not prevent distracted driving or get bad drivers off the road.

Nice try, Aurora, but we’re smarter than you think we are.

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  1. I wish I had Dan Oates’ email address, so I could send him a quick message. Worded tactfully enough that he’d actually read it. I honestly believe that we can call their bluff by asking them to remove all revenue from all traffic violations they write, in order to go to a 100% points only system. If they honestly believe it’s about safety, and not about revenue, then they will agree without hesitation. Something tells me they’d hesitate, and not agree.

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