Message from a Reader

I received a message from a reader this weekend that I wanted to share.  I think it really points out the weakness of the “photo radar is for safety” debate.

Seems all winter until just a couple months ago the van was always in that school zone on 8th avenue south of downtown.  Then something happened.  School went on break.  I haven’t seen once since.  According to the city they run these things for the safety of the children.  Yet at 7AM I never once saw a child on 8th avenue, and I guess because school is out the road has magically gotten safer.  Until of course August, when you can rest assured the van, and the minions that sit in them and grin as they rake in the dollars for their master, will be there.  Parked illegally of course, because the rules don’t apply to DPD.

So there you have it folks … Remember, when a politician tells you these are for safety, check his lips.  If they are moving, he’s lying!

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