Scamera Locations

Denver has four red light camera locations in the city.  These locations are:

  • 6th & Kalamath E/B
  • 6th & Lincoln E/B
  • 8th & Speer W/B
  • 36th & Quebec N/B

Denver also utilizes photo radar vans through the city.  These vans are active from 6AM to 9:30PM.  They will only be found in areas with a speed limit of 35 MPH or less, streets bordering parks, safety zones, school zones, and work zones.

For other camera in the Denver Metro area, outside of the City and County of Denver, visit Photo Enforced.

Below is a list of common locations for scamera’s to operate:

  • Eastbound 17th Avenue between Colorado Blvd and Josephine St.
  • Northbound Monaco Avenue, between Alameda Blvd. and 14th St.
  • Northbound Syracuse between 24th Ave. and 29th Ave. (School Zone)
  • Sante Fe and I-25 Exit (Construction Zone)
  • Southbound and Northbound Central Park Ave. between MLK Blvd. and Montview
  • MLK Blvd. between Beeler and Fulton (Safety Zone, Poor Design, beware of motorcycle cops in summer)
  • Speer Blvd., usually illegally parked in the median between the lanes
  • Southbound Monaco, south of Smith Rd.
  • Southbound Colorado Blvd. between Montview and 17th Ave, usually parked illegally on the grass
  • 29th and Tennyson at The Tennyson Center, marked as a school zone, no children present

If you would like to find out more about other speed traps in Denver, please visit The NMA Speed Trap Exchange.  If you know of any other common scamera traps, please comment below. Remember, a watchful eye and quick reactions are key to preventing these tickets from being issued. While we do not condone speeding, we do condone properly set speed limits and properly engineered streets and intersections. And always remember to wave at the scamera van operator, whether you use one finger or five is up to you.

If you see an illegally parked scamera van, document the location and the license plate, then when safe to do so contact the Denver Police non-emergency number to report an illegally parked vehicle.  This will usually result in the van being moved, and I often detect a large amount of annoyance on the part of the dispatcher.  I figure if I can’t park there, neither should they.  These vans are owned and operated by a private company, not the city.



  1. Another common van location: mornings on 29th and Tennyson in the Tennyson Center “school zone.” As detailed in another comment on this site, this could not be a less appropriate “safety zone” within which to place a radar van.

  2. Another location I frequently see a van is on the west side of SB Kalamath just south of 12th in front of the elementary school.

  3. One common scam they’re doing now, is that SOME of the school zones in Denver don’t have flashing yellow lights – all they have is little signs stating hours of reduced speeds. THIS facilitates cops giving tickets! You can either watch where you’re driving or read their stupid signs. And NOW they’re adding photo vans at these traps! They should be run out of office!

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