Welcome to Denver Scamera’s

Welcome to Denver Scameras!

The purpose of this site is to educate and motivate people in the Denver area about photo enforcement.  This site has just started so content will be a little lacking at first but we hope to include more articles and discussion about the program in Denver.  Ultimately we would like to see the contact with ACS/Xerox terminated by the city council.  However, if the city council will not do it, we would like to motivate the citizens of Denver to do it through the petition process.  Furthermore, we would like to see photo enforcement banned across the entire state of Colorado.

The program in Denver is of particular concern for me because I have chosen to live in this beautiful city and state.  The photo enforcement program in Denver is a cash cow.  It was never about safety.  Vince Carroll of the Denver Post said, “If Denver is so determined to fill its coffers with unearned loot, it might as well deputize a troupe of pickpockets and deploy them on the 16th Street Mall.  At least then there would be no pretense of serving the public interest.”  He further noted that Denver has ranked fifth in the number of speed traps in the nation.

In Denver, and the rest of Colorado, you must be served personally before a photo radar ticket is enforceable.  You can review the Revised Statutes yourself.  While the city may send a process server, you are under no legal obligation to open the door.  If they don’t serve you within 90 days of the alleged violation then it must be thrown out.

The city auditor filed a report on the photo enforcement program and indicated that the Denver Police Department had no demonstrated that the program had a positive impact on safety.  He further stated that while the program was billed as being for safety the public regards it is a cash grab.  His recommendation was that unless the city could show that the program had any appreciable safety impact the program be shut down.  The city council voted and only one person voted against renewing the contact with Affiliated Computer Services (ACS/Xerox).  Obviously, the money that the program brings into the city talked quite loudly to the City Council.

After the audit Denver Police even agreed that the “photo radar program’s safety impact has not been sufficiently measured” and that one needed to be completed to ensure the public confidence in the program.  That is all fair, but here is where the funny part begins.  DPD then asked ACS to do the study.  Can you say “conflict of interest”?  ACS is raking in cash from the program and would not be considered impartial in such a study.  ACS or DPD do not have the honesty or integrity to analyzie their own program.  Their attempt to do so should be enough to tell every citizen in this great city that the whole program is about money.

Contact your local representative and DEMAND they put an end to this practice!

For more information about the 2011 report by the City Auditor, please view the PDF Version from The Newspaper.


  1. Please refer to this post on our site: http://www.denverscameras.com/?p=52

    As it is understood right now if you do not respond to a scamera ticket they may send you a certified mail via USPS. In order for the letter to be delivered you must sign for it. If you do not sign for it and ignore repeated attempts, it will eventually be returned as undelivered. The city could still choose to send a process server to your house. If you do not answer the door for the letter carrier and do not pick up or sign for the letter; and/or you do not answer the door for the process server you should be fine.

    (Disclaimer) As always, I’m not a lawyer, so if you’re concerned about your specific situation I would seek legal advice.

  2. I was quoted in the DP article last week. I have designed a protest sign that I am using and others will soon begin to help me. I have three of these signs—they are expensive. I’ll try to attach the design here but I’m not sure it will work. You can email me and I will send it to you that way.

    -Paul Houston/Users/themacoutlet/Desktop/Photo Radar Poster.jpg

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