Money Grows on Trees


If you’re a city council member.  Not only do you support the expansion of a dangerous program that does little to enhance safety, but you also vote to give yourself a 10% raise.  While this post isn’t directly related to photo enforcement “scameras” in Denver or Colorado I think it speaks to a larger issue.  Obviously the local government we have chosen thinks they are doing such a great job that they deserve a lavish raise in a questionable economy.  Sure, things are getting better, but as this author can attest, it isn’t 10% better.

I myself was very happy to get a 2% raise this year from my day job.  My boss actually regretted that he was unable to give me more because “I deserved it”.  Unfortunately the money wasn’t in the budget, and not being in the political business he couldn’t just confiscate it or set out cameras to increase the bank account balance.  2% doesn’t even meet up with inflation, and while it was modest, I was happy to get it.

In most cases, employers give their employees a raise for meritorious performance.  I have to ask.  Has the Denver City Council performed so well that they deserve 10%?  I highly doubt it.  But, in this case, the employee gets to decide the amount of a raise they will make his employer give them.  Such is government.  Wish I were so lucky.  We have no say, short of not casting our votes for them.  But by then the new paychecks are already getting cut.  Bad move, city council, bad move.   Is it possible to lose respect for a group of people you had no respect for to begin with?

900 Photo Radar Tickets Dismissed

According to Channel 7, 900 photo radar tickets have been dismissed in Denver.  The wonderful folks at ACS/Xerox apparently weren’t too diligent about the proper placement of warning signs per Colorado State Law.  I myself have seen the photo radar operating without the required signs, and in one case, the sign was intentionally obscured by a coat, and on another, a construction sign.  If you made the mistake of actually responding to the ticket in the mail you can get a refund.  If you’re smart, you just ignore these letters and let them go away after 90 days.

Another Statewide Ban is in the Works – Support It!

According to the Denver Post, another attempt at a ban is starting to shape up.  For now a bill has not been filed, but I would urge you to contact your elected representatives and persuade them to encourage the bill to be filed, as well as actively support its passage.  The biggest hurdle will again be Hickenlooper.  Last year he said he didn’t want to see the bill reach his desk.  This is likely because as the former mayor of Denver, he was a staunch support of the scamera systems.  Lets make this bill land on his desk and pressure him into signing it.  Contact the Colorado Municipal League and contact the mayor of your city and demand they butt out and let the representatives do this state a favor and send the scamera companies packing!

Denver, Hungry For More Revenue

It looks like the City of Denver has decided that they aren’t making enough money off red light cameras and photo radar.  The Denver Post reports that they are extending the contract an additional six months and will be seeking additional proposals to expand the system.  If you’re like me, this should infuriate you to no end.  The city council will never willingly give up on their revenue program.  Each and every individual who reads this site should immediately e-mail your council member and demand they discontinue this program.

Red Light Scamera’s Back in the News

Looks like Red Light Scameras are back in the news in the Denver area.  Their conclusion?  Pretty much the same thing we’ve been saying for years.  Red Light Scameras are nothing more than a money grab.  The City Auditor believes it, most people in Denver believe it, yet Chief White would have you believe they are there for safety.  Safety of what?  The budget? If Chief White was really interested in promoting safety in Denver he’d suggest getting rid of the scameras and have his officers focus on matters that might actually increase safety.

The program is slated to expire at the end of the year unless it is renewed.  Rest assured city officials will be there, with an extra pen or two just in case the ink runs out.  My suggestion to everyone in the City of Denver is to e-mail your councilman and demand they don’t renew the program!

Message from a Reader

I received a message from a reader this weekend that I wanted to share.  I think it really points out the weakness of the “photo radar is for safety” debate.

Seems all winter until just a couple months ago the van was always in that school zone on 8th avenue south of downtown.  Then something happened.  School went on break.  I haven’t seen once since.  According to the city they run these things for the safety of the children.  Yet at 7AM I never once saw a child on 8th avenue, and I guess because school is out the road has magically gotten safer.  Until of course August, when you can rest assured the van, and the minions that sit in them and grin as they rake in the dollars for their master, will be there.  Parked illegally of course, because the rules don’t apply to DPD.

So there you have it folks … Remember, when a politician tells you these are for safety, check his lips.  If they are moving, he’s lying!

Still Here

I know there hasn’t been a lot of activity on this site since the disappointing defeat of the bill to ban the scameras.  Rest assured we’re still around and doing what we can to fight the scameras and their crooked politicians that lie in public to say they are for safety.  We still know the real truth.  They are purely for revenue.

It takes a lot of work to try and run this site.  Unlike The Mayor and City Council of Denver, I have to work.  I would certainly enjoy other folks stepping forward to help with the site.  Maybe even help coordinate some protests when photo radar is found to be active.  If anyone is interested, then please speak up.